NFCN Bulletin 27 November 2014

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1. Independent report on care of people with learning disabilities
2. Getting it right for people with learning disabilities. Going into hospital because of mental health difficulties or challenging behaviours: what families need to know
3. Netbuddies: Your guide to inclusive UK events
4. Care Act 2014: Advocacy
5. Care Act 2014: Carers are often still unaware of their rights despite new duties for local authorities under the new Act
6. Care Act 2014: Information and Advice
7. Care Act 2014: Council duty to make enquiries where they suspect a vulnerable adult is a risk of abuse or neglect
8. Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) for people with learning disabilities
9. Making reasonable adjustments to epilepsy services for people with learning disabilities
10. ‘Streamlined’ system for court authorisations of deprivation of liberty
11. But a Judge has urged the Supreme Court to reconsider its view on deprivation of liberty laid down by the Cheshire West judgement
12. The government has backed plans to introduce the first national standard outcome measure of service user satisfaction with  safeguarding services from April 2016.
13. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is to publish information on the use of cameras in care settings in the New Year
14. MPs to investigate ESA and JSA sanctions regime

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