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Many family carers receive information, practical help and emotional support from local carers’ groups and organisations. There are also organisations that specialise in working with particular ethnic or cultural groups, or with groups of people who have specific needs. Some of these organisations work all over the country and some only in one area. Please see our list of members for some of the organisations in your region.

The resources listed also include electronic forums that have good track records of responding to family carers’ questions.

African Afro-Caribbean Support Network (AACSN) (Waltham Forest)

Organisation: Redbridge
Type of Resource: Organisation
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Tags: Health, Diversity And Equality, Black Minority Ethnic, Black Minority Ethnic Carers, Advocacy, Mental Health
What's it about and who is it for?
The AACSN is based in the London Borough of Waltham Forest but has an increasing presence in adjoining boroughs such as Redbridge, Newham and Haringey. Established in 1999 and a registered charity since 2004 they work to raise awareness of the specific needs of black and minority ethnic carers and people with severe learning disabilities, mental health needs and other health conditions. They offer support, information, guidance on accessing services, advocacy and health promotion.
Weblink: Redbridge Family Services Directory
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NFCN Annual Report 2014-15

NFCN Annual Report 2014-15


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