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Good physical and mental health underpin so many other opportunities in life. It is well recognised that people with learning disabilities often have poor health and poor access to health care. The evidence is growing about the impact of caring on family carers’ health, and how important family carers’ health is to continued caring.

In addition to reports on health inequalities and guidance on different conditions, it is important to have up-to-date information on how health services work. Knowing which organisation is responsible for what, where you can influence and how to make sure your views are heard are all necessary to get improvements in local services. 

A Strategy for Adults with Autism: Results of the North West Self-Assessment

Organisation: NHS North West
Type of Resource: Report
Author: NHS North West
Date of Publication: Autumn 2012
Published by: NHS North West
Tags: Easy Read, Autism, Assistive Technology And Communication, Nhs, Pwld
What's it about and who is it for?
Easy read version of the Autism Strategy Self-Assessment
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NFCN Annual Report 2014-15

NFCN Annual Report 2014-15

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