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Having the right place to live is the basis for so much else in your life. Families need to know what’s possible and what help is available – to get the right place, to have adaptations made and to be safe and comfortable.

Accommodating diversity: housing design in a multicultural society

Organisation: National Housing Federation
Type of Resource: Book
Author: Penoyre & Prasad
Date of Publication: Revised 1998
Published by: National Housing Federation
Tags: Good Practice, Equality And Diversity
What's it about and who is it for?
This book provides guidance to designing homes that cater in a non-exclusive way for the needs of households from minority ethnic, religious and cultural groups. Members price £14.95, list price £19.95
Weblink: http://www.housing.org.uk/
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NFCN Annual Report 2014-15

NFCN Annual Report 2014-15

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