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There are some clear routes for the voices of family carers to influence national Government through representative bodies, such as the National Family Carer Network and the National Valuing Families Forum, and the independent Standing Commission on Carers. Influence can be exerted in a variety of ways, such as through membership of advisory groups (for example, for the Care Quality Commission) and responding to consultations.

Locally some members are actively involved through the new HealthWatch organisations, but in some areas it is taking longer for the new arrangements to be established.

A response to the DH Interim Report on the Winterbourne View Review

Organisation: National Family Carer Network
Type of Resource: Response To Consultation
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What's it about and who is it for?
The NFCN joined with 153 signatories from the learning disability field to support a letter to the Care Services Minister Paul Burstow following the Department of Health (DH) Interim Report on the Winterbourne View Review. Authors and signatories welcome the aspirations in the DH interim report to change a service model that in most of the country is failing to deliver local, individualised support for people who are labelled as challenging. However, it states that in order to achieve this, there will be a need for "clear national targets, active practical support for local change, and robust monitoring". The letter's authors express concern that these are largely absent from the interim report and call for more discussion to ensure they are part of the DH's final actions that are due for publication in the autumn.
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NFCN Annual Report 2014-15

NFCN Annual Report 2014-15

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