6 Safe and Effective Male Contraception Options for Couples

Effective Contraception

Understanding Male Contraception

Understanding the various types of male contraception can be beneficial for couples seeking to prevent pregnancies and better manage their health. Male contraception works by physically or chemically blocking sperm from reaching eggs and taking away the possibility of a pregnancy. For couples, there are six safe and effective contraception options to consider.

Types of Male Contraceptives

The most common forms of male contraception include:

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The most widely used and accessible type of contraception is condoms. They are elastic sheaths of thin plastic that are placed over the penis before sexual contact. Condoms help both prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies.


Vasectomy is a procedure conducted by a doctor that can be reversed if a man chooses. It involves cutting the two tubes that lead from the testicles and almost completely eliminates the risk of pregnancy.

The Rhythm Method

The Rhythm Method is a form of birth control that involves timing intercourse according to the cycles of a woman’s menstrual period. It can be effective if used correctly but is not recommended by most medical professionals.

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Withdrawal Method

The Withdrawal Method is when a man pulls out his penis before ejaculating. It is not one of the most reliable forms of contraception as it does not always work and carry a higher risk of pregnancy.

Contraceptive Pills

Contraceptive Pills are another option for male contraception. The pill is taken every day and prevents pregnancy by blocking the hormones that are responsible for the release of sperm.

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Injections are a form of male contraception where testosterone or a specific form of the hormone progestogen is injected into the man’s body. It helps to decrease the sperm count and thus renders the man infertile for a period of time.


When deciding on contraception options for couples, it is important to consider the health and safety of both partners. Having a better understanding of the six safe and effective male contraception options can help couples make the best possible decision for their situation.​

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