A Guide to Traditional Native American Healing Practices

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Traditional Native American Healing Practices and Health: A Comprehensive Guide

Due to the rich heritage held by Native American people, their traditional medicinal practices make for powerful – and often overlooked – sources of healing. These practices offer insight into their worldviews, patterns of belief, and values that can still be thought-provoking for us today. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of Traditional Native American Healing Practices and Health and explore the different techniques and approaches taken.

What is Traditional Native American Medicine?

At its core, Traditional Native American Medicine is an ancient form of healing which focuses on holistic well-being – in other words, the health of your mind, body, and spirit. It incorporates various techniques, such as prayer, herbal remedies, and rituals, to promote healing and wellbeing – as well as prevent illness.

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The practice dates back centuries, but there is still much topical relevance to be found in this form of medicine. Traditional Native American healing practices come with a great deal of respect for nature and a deep appreciation for its healing power.

Native American medicine can create the space for the four primary aspects of life to come together in harmonious balance. This allows connections with the spirit world, earth, animals, and other people – helping to create a meaningful life for the individual.

Four Components of Traditional Native American Healing Practices

Traditional healing practices are often divided into four distinct components:

  • Physical: diet, exercise, herbs, and massage.
  • Mental: healing stories, dreams, and vision quests.
  • Spiritual: prayer and sweat lodge ceremonies.
  • Social: counseling, support, and guidance.

Physical healing is founded on the concept that our bodies have natural healing abilities. Through a combination of dietary changes, exercise, and various herbal remedies, physical healing helps to nurture these and promote balanced health.

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Mental healing focuses on understanding and changing the underlying personal stories and beliefs that guide individual behaviour. Through storytelling, dreams, and vision quests, mental healing can provide a sense of clarity and direction.

Spiritual healing focuses on personal spiritual growth and the fostering of a spiritual relationship with the universe. Through prayer, sweat lodges, and vision quests, individuals can gain insight into their place in the world.

Social healing involves interpersonal relationships and fostering social support. Counseling and other forms of support are crucial components of this aspect of healing.

The Benefits of Traditional Native American Healing Practices

There are many benefits of Traditional Native American Healing Practices that make it worth considering as part of your overall wellbeing strategy. These include:

  • Protection from physical, emotional, and spiritual harm.
  • Promotion of emotional balance, resilience, and physical health.
  • Enhancement of creativity, intuition, and critical thinking.
  • A focus on balance, harmony, and peace.
  • Improved relationships, communication, and social support.
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Ultimately, Traditional Native American healing practices provide a unique insight into the interrelatedness of body, mind, and spirit, and how each of these influence overall wellbeing. It can provide the opportunity for individuals to reconnect with the Soul of Nature and their place in the world.


Traditional Native American healing practices and health are ancient, culture-bound therapeutic systems which can provide a powerful source of insight, understanding, and balance. This comprehensive guide has explored the components of these practices and the associated benefits, helping to show why they remain so relevant today.

Native American healing, when used appropriately and with sensitivity to culture, can provide a valuable source of insight and peace. Taking the time to explore these healing practices can be a powerful step towards self-discovery and wellbeing.

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