And Manganese Iron and Manganese: Benefits, Sources, Roles & Effects in the Human Body

Manganese Benefits
Manganese and iron (Fe) are two essential minerals for the body. They are involved in a number of processes, including metabolism, gene expression, nerve functioning, production of hormones, growth and proper immune system functioning.

Benefits of Manganese and Iron

Manganese and iron are known to have numerous health benefits on the body, primarily on the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Other benefits of these two minerals include promoting healthy bones and teeth, regulating blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation and acting as essential cofactors in enzymatic processes.

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Sources of Manganese and Iron

There are a variety of food sources that provide both manganese and iron. Ideal sources of manganese include nuts, legumes, whole grains, green vegetables, and fruits. The main sources of iron are organ meats, seafood, and dark, leafy greens.

Manganese and Iron Roles in the Human Body

Manganese plays an important role in energy production and is necessary for normal brain and nerve functioning. It is known to be involved in the production of hormones, such as sex and thyroid hormones and helps to promote normal growth. Iron is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin, a component of red blood cells that helps to transport oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

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Effects of Manganese and Iron Deficiency

Manganese and iron deficiencies can lead to anemia and numerous other health conditions, including fatigue, irregular heartbeat, frequent infections, poor growth, weakness, and trouble concentrating. Being aware of these symptoms can be important in helping to prevent or treat any manganese and iron deficiency related conditions.

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Manganese and iron are essential minerals that are needed by the body to function properly. They have numerous benefits and can be found in a variety of food sources. It is important to pay attention to the intake of these two minerals, as deficiencies can lead to a range of health issues.

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