Better Sleep Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Cancer: Here’s How

Better Sleep

Sleeping Soundly Helps Lower Risk for Cancer and Improve Health

Scientific studies have long recognized the vital, yet often overlooked, role of sleep for good health. In a recent study, researchers found better sleep can help reduce your risk of cancer. The study also found that a good night’s rest can also improve health and reduce the need for treatment. Delve into the critical connection between sleep, cancer risk and health.

Better Sleep Lowers Cancer Risk

Getting adequate sleep appears to lower the risk of breast and prostate cancer. The study looked at 1,240 middle-aged or older men and women who were given medical and lifestyle assessments. Those who didn’t get enough sleep were more likely to have a higher risk of those cancers. The study noted that seven hours of sleep per night is the optimum amount for preventing cancer.

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Sleep Improves Health

Adequate sleep enhances many aspects of health. First, it boosts the immune system, aiding the body in fighting off bacterial and viral infections. Second, it allows the brain and body to rest and recover, leading to improved mental health and physical performance. Third, it helps improve heart health. People who get enough sleep have better circulatory and metabolic systems, lower blood sugar levels, and reduced heart attack risk. Finally, better sleep can help reduce stress and anxiety, resulting in improved overall happiness and wellbeing.

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How to Promote Better Sleep

There are several steps people can take to promote better sleep and, in turn, lower their risk of cancer and enhance overall health.

  • Create a Sleep Schedule – go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day
  • Minimize Caffeine – avoid caffeine 4-6 hours before bed
  • Limit Technology – remove screens from your bedroom and avoid looking at them for an hour before bed
  • Get Physical – take a walk or do yoga to relax muscles and help get to sleep
  • Sleep in a Dark Room – avoid light distractions and keep your room as dark as possible


According to the study, better sleep can help reduce your risk of cancer. Additionally, proper amounts of rest improve overall health, helping to reduce the need for medical treatment. The best way to ensure adequate sleep is to find a regular sleep routine. These simple steps can lead to great rewards and help maintain good health for years to come.

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