Childhood Milestones: A Guide to the Important Experiences Every Kid Should Have

Childhood Milestones

Childhood Milestones: Why Health Is an Important Part of Development

Having healthy habits early on in life can be key to setting children up for success. While many children learn to hit their childhood milestones, health is just as important as physical and cognitive development. Creating a healthy lifestyle during childhood can help children develop better habits and a balanced lifestyle, and also ensure children can reach their full potential.

Setting Kids Up for Success

For parents and caregivers, helping children establish practices for their physical and mental health is paramount for children to reach their potential. These milestones go beyond physical milestones like talking, walking, and writing. Parents can help children reach our developmental milestones by helping them create healthy habits from an early age, addressing issues like sleep and nutrition, and making sure children are active and engaged in their learning.

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Sleep as a Childhood Milestone

Sleep is often one of the most important, yet easily overlooked, childhood milestones. The National Sleep Foundation has outlined recommended sleeping patterns by age at the most optimal, minimum and maximum levels. This includes all age ranges, from newborns to teenagers. While some of these may seem too high or too low, the key to a healthy sleep cycle is consistency and routine. Establishing a bedtime and wake-up time—and sticking to it—is crucial for helping children adopt healthy sleeping habits.

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Eating Right as a Childhood Milestone

Nutrition is another key part of childhood milestones and keeping children on track for physical and mental development. Specific nutrition will vary based on age, but parents and caregivers can create foundations of a healthy diet by providing children with a balanced array of vegetables, fruits, grains, and proteins. Involving children in meal planning and providing positive reinforcement are great ways to help foster healthy eating habits.

Physical Activity as a Childhood Milestone

Physical activity is just as important as nutrition and sleep when it comes to childhood milestones. For parents and caregivers, physical activity helps children stay active and healthy, fight childhood obesity, reduce stress, and sharpen children’s concentration. All ages can benefit from physical activity, but different types of movement may be suitable for certain ages. Picking activities that children can do together with parents or caregivers can be just as important as choosing ones that will keep children engaged.

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Adopting Healthy Habits as Childhood Milestones

Establishing healthy habits for physical and mental development is key for children to hit their milestones. Parents and caregivers can help children reach these milestones by creating healthy habits from an early age, including sleep, nutrition, and physical activity. Our childhood milestones guide helps provide a roadmap for parents to set their children up for success.

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