Co-Occurring Disorders: How to Recognize Symptoms and Find Treatment

Co-Occurring Disorders

Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders: Recognizing The Symptoms & Finding the Right Treatment & Health Solutions

Co-occurring disorders, also referred to as dual diagnosis, occur when an individual experiences two or more psychiatric disorders at the same time, such as depression and substance abuse. Co-Occurring Disorders is an umbrella term used to describe two related diagnoses occurring at the same time, typically due to the effects of one on the other. This may be the result of a mental health disorder creating substance abuse as a coping mechanism, or the substance abuse leading to a psychiatric disorder.

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Recognizing the symptoms of co-occurring disorders is essential for proper diagnosis and treatment. These symptoms can range from severe depression, sleep disturbances, and poor impulse control to changes in behavior, cognitive functioning, and attitudes. When these symptoms become too severe or unmanageable, it is paramount to seek professional assistance through therapy and medications.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is the presence of two or more mental health disorders, such as depression and substance abuse, in the same person. It occurs when two or more disorders affect an individual, making it difficult to knowing which disorder is causing what symptoms. In order to continue successful treatment, an accurate diagnosis is needed.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment focuses on getting the person to a point of stability to begin the work of recovery. This could include medication prescribed by a health professional, counseling, lifestyle changes and addiction therapy. It is important to understand that in order to effectively treat a dual diagnosis, all of the disorders must be simultaneously addressed as they are all part of the same issue.

Treatment and Health Solutions

Treatment and Health Solutions for co-occurring disorders involve a combination of therapies, medications, and lifestyle changes. Treatment begins by helping the individual better understand their condition and comes to terms with it. In most cases, the individual will be placed in a program that allows for a more intense approach to treatment such as a residential treatment program or an intensive outpatient program.

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The goal of Treatment and Health Solutions for co-occurring disorders is to help the individual gain the necessary skills to live a healthy, fulfilling life. This includes developing better communication, improved relationships, better control of emotions, and managing the daily stressors of life.


Co-occurring disorders can be extremely detrimental for individuals if left untreated. Having the knowledge and understanding of the symptoms and treatments available is essential for recognizing and treating these disorders. There is hope for those suffering from co-occurring disorders, and with the proper help and guidance, individuals can achieve long-term recovery and health.

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