Cool Down with These 8 Awesome Cooling Pillows

These Awesome

It’s Hotting Up: and Improve Your Health.

When the mercury rises, it can be time to upgrade your bed and bedroom essentials to keep yourself cool. A cooling pillow topper, such as those discussed below, might be just the thing to keep your head in just the right atmosphere for restful sleep. They’re also great for relieving certain aches and pains, and can help improve your overall health.

1. Plixio Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Plixio’s Gel-infused memory foam pillow uses advanced cooling technology to keep your head and neck in a cooler than usual environment. This makes it more comfortable for people who often suffer from migraines, neck and shoulder pain and generally find that the temperature affects their sleep in a very noticeable way. The gel-infused memory foam helps distribute heat evenly, reducing temperature fluctuations and keeping the pillow much cooler than other foam options.

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2. Bluewave Bedding Super-Cooling Pillow

The Bluewave Bedding pillow is a fantastic option for anyone who needs a cooler bedtime experience. It uses a special inner foam to keep it from retaining heat and also has a breathable outer layer to help further reduce temperature. It also has an adjustable height for firmness personalization, so you can find the right level of comfort and support.

3. Memory Foam Pillow with Coolmax

This Memory Foam Pillow with Coolmax offers superior ventilation and cooling by utilizing Coolmax fabric over a layer of advanced memory foam to keep air freely circulating. Coolmax distributes moisture away from the body and doesn’t keep any heat in, making it an ideal choice for a cooling pillow.

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4. Serta Gel Memory Foam Cluster Pillow

Serta’s Gel Memory Foam Cluster Pillow is great for intense cooling as it uses gel-infused memory foam clusters to form an ultra-supportive cushion that conforms to your individual sleeping position. It also provides superior air circulation and stays cool throughout the night even in hot climates. The pillow also have an adjustable loft, allowing you to get the most comfortable fit.

5. Malouf Zoned Dough Pillow

The Malouf Zoned Dough Pillow uses gel-infused memory foam that is designed to cradle and comfort your head. The pillow also features a specially designed Micro-Ventilated Core Technology that is designed to increase air circulation, keeping your head and neck cool. This pillow is great for relieving neck pain, migraines and headaches as well.

6. eLuxury Bamboo Pillow

The eLuxury Bamboo Pillow combines the softness and breathability of bamboo with the support and cooling properties of foam. It consists of shredded bamboo that gives it a plush, comfortable feel, and has a unique contour shape that helps align your neck and spine for a more restful night’s sleep.

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7. Brookstone Cool Pillow

The Brookstone Cool Pillow is made from advanced memory foam and has a unique, built-in cooling system. This pillow is ideal for hot sleepers as it helps regulate body temperature, and its plush microfiber fabric is soft and comfortable to the touch.

8. Comfort Revolution Cooling Pillow

The Comfort Revolution Cooling Pillow is designed to keep your head cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days. This pillow contains cooling gel and is covered in an ultra-soft, breathable fabric that helps keep air circulating and wicks away moisture.


We hope this selection of cooling pillows helps you beat the heat – and soothe any aches and pains while improving your health. So why not try one of these superior cooling pillows and enjoy comfortable and restful sleep no matter what the temperature is?

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