Dealing with Sexual Dysfunction? Psychotherapy Benefits Many Sufferers

Dealing Sexual

How to Deal with Sexual Dysfunction: Psychological Benefits

The ability to achieve and maintain an erection, and to experience pleasure from sexual activities, is something many of us take for granted. But, for some, sexual dysfunction can be an issue that seriously affects their lives. From erectile dysfunction, to a complete lack of libido, there are various psychological, as well as physical, causes that can lead to an inability to enjoy sexual intimacy. Fortunately, psychotherapy is often successful in treating the underlying causes, enabling patients to gain a greater appreciation of sexual expression.

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What are the Signs of Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction can be difficult to pinpoint, and patients can find themselves dealing with any number of troubling symptoms. These can include:

Erectile dysfunction
Anxiety related to sexual activity
– Loss of libido
Painful intercourse
Premature ejaculation
– Inability to achieve orgasm

Physical or Psychological?

The root cause of sexual dysfunction can be either physical or psychological, and may have an entirely unrelated source. For example, stress caused by work or family issues, or anxiety over relationship problems, can be a cause of ED. In cases involving physical problems, such as Parkinson’s disease or diabetes, there may also be a psychological element to the disorder, affecting a patient’s confidence when attempting to engage in sexual activities.

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What are the Benefits of Psychotherapy?

Many patients find that psychotherapy is an invaluable tool when it comes to successfully treating the underlying causes of sexual dysfunction. It offers the opportunity to explore and address any issues that might be preventing them from enjoying sexual intimacy. During the psychotherapy sessions, patients can address a range of topics, helping them to realize the source of their problem, and take the necessary steps towards resolving it.

Is Psychotherapy Effective?

Yes, psychotherapy can be effective at both the treatment of physical and psychological issues. It is especially beneficial when the underlying cause is psychological, as it allows the patient to dig into the deeper causes of their issues. This can help people better understand why they are struggling with sexual dysfunction, and can help them to develop ways of managing their symptoms and moving forward in their recovery.

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Dealing with sexual dysfunction can be a difficult process, but it is often possible to find lasting relief with the help of psychotherapy. It is a safe, accessible and effective method of treating the underlying issues, whatever their source. With the right guidance, sufferers of sexual dysfunction can look forward to a more fulfilled and enjoyable sex life.

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