Delivering Care to Older Adults: A Look at Geriatric Nursing

Delivering Older

and Health

Growing old is part of life and as we age, our healthcare needs often change. One of the most important professions in health care is geriatric nursing, which is specialized care for senior adults over the age of 65. The main focus of geriatric nursing is to provide medical care, emotional stability, and overall well-being for older patients.

Developing Relationships in Geriatric Care

Geriatric nursing is an ever-evolving field of health care where nurses develop relationships with their older patients. These relationships are crucial in providing care that is specialized to meet the individual needs of a senior patient. Geriatric nurses have the experience and training to maintain an understanding of the physical and psychological challenges that come with aging. By understanding the elderly population, geriatric nurses are better equipped to provide comprehensive care plans.

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Comprehensive Care Plans

Geriatric care goes beyond physical care and includes medical diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing evaluation. Geriatric nurses help to coordinate the care plans, assess the needs of the patient, and implement the appropriate care. They tailor a plan that works best for each patient and their families, addressing any issues that might arise due to age or other health issues.

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Assessment and On-going Support

Geriatric nurses assess an older adult’s medical history and health status for any potential changes or health issues that need immediate attention. After the initial assessment, geriatric nurses monitor the patient on an ongoing basis, providing education and support to both the patient and their family. They also develop and implement care plansin accordance with the guidelines from the patients’ doctor. These care plans may involve pain management, medication management, nutrition management, and physical therapy.

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The Role of Geriatric Care in Improving Health

Geriatric care is essential to ensure seniors remain healthy and active. It is the primary focus of geriatric nursing to provide comprehensive and age-appropriate care that meets all of their needs. With an understanding of older population health needs, geriatric nurses are able to provide patients with personalized plans and the support they need to maximize their quality of life and remain healthy.

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