Digestive Health and Work: Understanding Legal Protections and Accommodations

Digestive Health

Understanding Legal Protections & Accommodations for Digestive Health and Your Work

The human digestive system is complex and takes a significant toll when it comes to workplace performance, the quality of life and the ability to perform. That’s why it is important to understand the legal protections and accommodations that may be available to you if you have a digestive health issue.

What Types of Legal Protections Are Available Regarding Digestive Health & Work?

Under certain conditions, a person who has experienced a digestive health issue can be protected by the law. In the U.S., the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) helps to ensure these individuals receive rights and legal protection from discrimination in the workplace, including the right to be free from discrimination because of disability.

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Disability protections require employers to make reasonable accommodations that would enable an individual with a disability, such as digestive health issues, to keep their job. Some accommodations that may be available include flexible scheduling and job restructuring, modifications to the physical environment, provide assistance with essential job functions, and make changes to equipment or computer operations.

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Krise Law Firm: Protecting Your Rights

Krise Law Firm specializes in protecting the rights of individuals experiencing digestive health issues that may prohibit their ability to work. We understand the sensitive nature of digestive health and non-intentional disabilities and can help you understand how to best protect your rights in the workplace. We are dedicated to providing timely, aggressive, and competent legal services.

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To learn more about how Krise Law Firm can help you protect your rights and understand your legal protections and accommodations for digestive health and work, call us at +886-1300-253-1555 or contact us online.

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