Geriatric Counseling: Helping Older Adults Cope With Physical and Emotional Challenges

Geriatric Counseling

What is Geriatric Counseling?

Geriatric counseling is a specialized form of mental health counseling specifically designed to help older adults cope with physical, emotional, and health challenges. As individuals grow older they become increasingly susceptible to a variety of physical and emotional difficulties, including depression, anxiety, and even dementia. This can be a challenging and distressing time for both the individual and their loved ones, but geriatric counselors can help people cope with difficult emotions, life changes, and physical health concerns in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

What Does Geriatric Counseling Offer for Older Adults?

Geriatric counselors can provide a range of support services tailored to the needs of individual older adults. Common support services include:

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Geriatric counselors can help older adults identify and process difficult emotions, such as depression and anxiety, and provide problem-solving strategies for difficult life changes, such as retirement or a move to assisted living.

Educational Resources:

Geriatric counselors often provide educational materials to help older adults better comprehend the various physical, emotional, and health-related issues they may be dealing with. These materials may also provide information about where to find additional resources and support.


Geriatric counselors can provide a comforting presence to accompany older adults to medical appointments. This can help reduce the stress of attending medical visits, as well as provide an extra set of eyes and ears to ensure that the doctor’s instructions are accurately comprehended and followed.

Advocacy and Support:

Geriatric counselors can provide both emotional and practical support and advocacy. Geriatric counselors might be able to help older adults connect with needed services and community programs, as well as provide resources and information about how to access these services.

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Benefits of Geriatric Counseling

Geriatric counseling can be beneficial in helping older adults better manage physical, emotional, and health-related concerns, as well as providing overall support in their lives. The advantages of working with a geriatric counselor include:

Making Sense of Physical Health Symptoms:

Geriatric counselors have extensive knowledge of the physical and emotional concerns associated with aging and can offer the perspective and insight needed to help older adults make sense of unfamiliar physical health symptoms.

Combatting Isolation and Loneliness:

Geriatric counselors can combat feelings of isolation and loneliness among older adults by connecting them with social programs and other community resources that provide stimulating activities and support networks.

Adapting to Life Changes:

Geriatric counselors provide valuable help in adapting to life changes that may come with aging. Whether the changes be physical, emotional, or social, geriatric counselors can help individuals make transitions easier.

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Creating Meaningful Connections:

Geriatric counselors can help build meaningful connections with family members and other supports by providing skills for compassionate communication and understanding.

Finding a Counselor

When searching for the right geriatric counselor, it is important to seek out those with the experience necessary to address the particular needs of an older adult. Individuals should feel comfortable talking with the counselor and ensure they provide the individualized care and attention needed. Additionally, make sure to check that the counselor is licensed and certified in their field.

Geriatric counseling can help bring older adults greater peace of mind, confidence, and comfort during their later years. By addressing their physical, emotional, and health concerns, geriatric counselors can help create more meaningful connections and more pleasant transitions throughout life’s later stages.

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