Geriatric Law: Protecting Rights and Assets of Seniors

Geriatric Protecting

What is Geriatric Law?

Geriatric Law is the practice of protecting the rights and assets of seniors, as well as their health and well-being. It is an area of law that helps families ensure their elderly family members are well cared for and their rights are respected. Geriatric law lawyers work to protect the financial and medical interests of elderly clients while advocating for them in court.

What Rights Are Protected by Geriatric Law?

Geriatric law covers a number of different rights and responsibilities. From ensuring that seniors have access to quality healthcare, to protecting seniors from financial exploitation, to establishing guardians and conservatorships, geriatric lawyers aim to ensure the rights and assets of seniors are protected.

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Geriatric lawyers can also provide assistance with drafting advance healthcare and financial directives, along with living wills, trusts and other legal instruments. Geriatric legal advisors are also available to provide legal advice and assistance with advocacy, representing elderly clients in court when necessary.

Who Can Benefit from Geriatric Law?

Geriatric law is beneficial for all seniors, and their families. Whether a senior has an acute medical issue, or is dealing with an increasingly complex financial situation, an experienced geriatric lawyer can be an invaluable asset in helping seniors navigate their legal rights and obligations.

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Geriatric law is also beneficial for elderly clients who are dealing with the emotional and physical strain of aging. Geriatric legal advisors can help provide emotional support, as well as legal advice and assistance.

Why Hire a Geriatric Lawyer?

When it comes to protecting the rights and assets of elderly people, a geriatric lawyer can be an invaluable resource. A geriatric lawyer has the specialized knowledge to help elderly clients navigate a complex legal landscape while ensuring their interests are taken into account and their rights are respected.

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Geriatric lawyers can also provide assistance with financial and medical planning, ensuring that seniors’ wishes are taken into account and their finances and medical interests are protected.


Geriatric law is an important area of law that protects the rights and assets of elderly people. From protecting them from financial exploitation to helping seniors plan for the future, a geriatric lawyer can provide invaluable assistance to elderly adults and their families. Seniors and their families should consider working with a geriatric lawyer to ensure their rights and interests are looked after and their financial and medical interests are affording all the necessary protection.

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