Geriatric Psych: Helping Seniors Live Full, Meaningful Lives

Geriatric Psych

Geriatric Psychiatry: Helping Seniors Live Meaningful and Healthy Lives

Geriatric psychiatry is a specialized branch of psychiatry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders in elderly adults. As people age, they are more likely to experience mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and dementia. Geriatric psychiatrists are uniquely trained to address the emotional and cognitive changes associated with aging.

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What Does a Geriatric Psychiatrist Do?

A geriatric psychiatrist utilizes a variety of treatments to help seniors improve emotional, psychological, and physical health. These may include medications, psychotherapy, art therapy, and lifestyle management. Further, the geriatric psychiatrist provides expert care for seniors with complex mental health issues or multiple mental and physical illnesses. A geriatric psychiatrist is often engaging in preventive care for seniors before mental health issues become serious.

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What Are The Benefits of Geriatric Psychiatry?

Geriatric psychiatry offers many benefits for seniors. Seeking treatment from a geriatric psychiatrist can help seniors improve their overall quality of life. Seniors may experience less stress and anxiety, better cognitive functioning, increased energy, and improved overall physical health. Treatments provided by a geriatric psychiatrist can also help seniors stay independent and active in their retirement years.

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Where to Find a Geriatric Psychiatrist

If you are interested in finding a geriatric psychiatrist for a senior loved one, you can contact a local primary care physician or a geriatric mental health clinic. Senior living communities often have geriatric psychiatrists on staff or associated with their medical teams. It is important to recognize that mental health is a critical part of an elderly person’s overall health. Benefits of a geriatric psychiatrist can be life changing for seniors.

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