Geriatric Surgery: Benefits & Risks of Surgical Care for Older Adults

Geriatric Surgery

and Health

As the population of aging adults grows, geriatric surgery has become increasingly important. Geriatric surgery refers to the unique needs of older adults when it comes to surgical care. This type of surgery is designed to provide optimal care for senior patients in areas such as mobility, organ functions, pain management, nutrition and overall health.

Benefits of Geriatric Surgery

Geriatric surgery offers several important benefits for senior patients.

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Improved Mobility: Geriatric surgery can help improve a person’s mobility by restoring joint function, improving strength, eliminating arthritis pain, and increasing range of motion.

Improved Nutrition: It can also help improve nutrition by relieving digestive issues, correcting nutrient deficiencies, and providing nourishing diets.

Improved Quality of Life: As a result of these benefits, these surgeries can improve a person’s quality of life by providing relief from pain, restoring mobility and energy, and possibly extending lifespan.

Risks of Geriatric Surgery

Although geriatric surgery offers many benefits for senior patients, there are also risks associated with it.

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Infection: Geriatric surgery carries the potential risk of infection due to the high rate of age-related deteriorations in an older adult’s immune system.

Stroke: It also increases the risk of stroke due to pre-existing conditions and the stress of surgery.

Pain & Discomfort: In addition, older adults may experience pain and discomfort during recovery as they adjust to the changes in their bodies and heal from the surgery.

Considering Geriatric Surgery

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Before considering geriatric surgery, it’s important to discuss the benefits, risks and possible outcomes of the procedure with a healthcare provider. After a thorough discussion, a patient should make an informed decision on whether or not the surgery is right for them.

Geriatric surgery can be a beneficial option for older adults who are suffering from severe pain, mobility issues or other health issues that can’t be addressed with alternative treatments. With proper care and guidance, geriatric surgery can help seniors improve their overall health and quality of life.

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