How Geriatric Palliative Care Can Help Improve Quality of Life in Older Adults


Improving Life Quality and Health of Older Adults Through Geriatric Palliative Care

As life expectancy increases and the number of older adults skyrockets, healthcare providers and medical facilities across the globe are beginning to recognize the need to tailor care to match the needs of this aging population. Geriatric Palliative Care is the gold standard when it comes to providing comprehensive, individualized care to older adults and plays an essential role in helping to improve quality of life, as well as overall health.

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What is Geriatric Palliative Care?

Geriatric Palliative Care is a specialized interdisciplinary approach to healthcare for elderly adults with chronic, advanced, and life-limiting illnesses. It is a type of care that focuses on providing comfort, symptom management, and quality of life, along with disease management and cure. Geriatric Palliative Care providers work together with the patient, their family, and other healthcare professionals to provide a personalized care plan that takes into account the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

How Geriatric Palliative Care Improves Quality of Life and Health

Geriatric Palliative Care can help to improve the quality of life and health of older adults in a number of ways. It takes a holistic approach to providing care, so it is important to consider how each aspect can lead to improved outcomes.

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Physical Comfort

Geriatric Palliative care seeks to provide physical comfort and symptom relief for older adults with chronic conditions. This includes using medications, nutrition, and other treatments to manage symptoms such as pain. By addressing physical symptoms and providing comfort, the patient’s suffering can be reduced and quality of life can be improved.

Psychological and Spiritual Care

Geriatric Palliative Care providers also focus on the patient’s mental and spiritual health. They provide compassionate care and support for family members, as well as for the patient. They also acknowledge the spiritual needs of the patient and provide support for discussing end-of-life issues. This can help the patient to come to terms with their illness, which can improve overall quality of life.

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Comprehensive Evaluation

Geriatric Palliative Care providers are trained to evaluate the patient’s overall health and make recommendations for treatment and care plans that are tailored to the individual. This can help to improve overall health and well-being, as well as identifying and addressing any potential health concerns as early as possible.


Geriatric Palliative Care is an important and effective type of care for older adults. It can help to improve quality of life by providing physical comfort, mental and spiritual support, and a comprehensive evaluation of health. It is a valuable tool for healthcare providers to use when caring for older adults, and can help to improve overall health and wellbeing.

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