How to Develop a Return-to-Work Program

Develop Return-to-Work

and Health Protocols

Returning to work after an extended absence can be an intimidating process for both employees and employers. To help ensure a successful and safe return, employers must create a thorough return-to-work program and health protocols for their employees.

Steps for Developing a Return-to-Work Program

Identify and Assess Risks
Before planning the logistics of a return-to-work program, employers must identify and assess any potential risks that may arise and fully consider both employees’ and customers’ health and safety.

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Develop a Plan
Create a plan that outlines both medical and procedural policies according to federal, state, and local policies, laws and guidelines. Establish a timeline, a budget, and protocols for monitoring progress.

Communicate the Plan
Clearly communicate the return-to-work program and health protocols to employees so that everyone is aware and can abide by the plan. Consider conducting a meeting or training via video conference or email to ensure all employees are informed of the plan.

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Provide Safety Supplies and Hygiene Measures
Ensure your work environment is safe for employees by implementing safety measures such as regular temperature checks, contactless check-ins, and providing the necessary safety supplies such as face masks, temperature guns, and disinfectants.

Monitor Progress and Re-evaluate
In order to maintain a safe workplace and ensure your program is effective, monitoring progress is essential. Monitor employee and customer cases, regularly inspect new safety measures, and make updates as needed.

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Creating a return-to-work plan and health protocols can prevent possible infections and ensure the safety of both employees and customers. It is essential for employers to develop a return-to-work program and health protocols that consider both safety and legal measures. Overall, these require careful planning and effective communication to ensure an efficient and safe return-to-work program.

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