How to Help Older Adults Navigate the Healthcare System

Older Adults


As people age, navigating the healthcare system can become more difficult and daunting. This is why it is important for family and friends to help older adults manage their health and understand the healthcare system.

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Organize Information

Organizing medical information is essential for older adults. Items that should be organized include medical records, doctor visit information, and a list of medications. This process can be overwhelming and confusing, so offer to assist. Make sure to keep a list of questions that the older adult may need to ask the doctor during an appointment.

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Help Arrange Transportation

Accessing medical care may require arranging transportation. Since some seniors do not drive, it is important to have access to reliable transportation. Offer to arrange taxi services or rideshare services where necessary.

Provide Companionship During Medical Appointments

Provide companionship while accompanying the senior to medical appointments. This can help them understand information, ask questions and make sure that all needs have been addressed.

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Research Options and Treatment Plans

Older adults may require additional research and support to find the best care and options for their medical needs. Assist in researching medical care and treatment plans for their specific medical conditions.

Stay Informed and Have a Plan

Family and friends should stay informed and have a plan in place if a medical emergency occurs. Everyone should understand what to do and where to go if a medical issue or event happens.

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It is important to stay informed and offer assistance when possible to help older adults navigate the healthcare system and health. Take the steps necessary to provide the best medical care for seniors, and make the healthcare system easier to use and understand.
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