How to Overcome Fear & Enjoy Postpartum Sex Again

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Reclaiming Intimacy After Baby: Tips to Overcome Fear and Enjoy Postpartum Sex Again

Having a baby can be both a beautiful and overwhelming life event. As new mothers adjust to care for their babies and navigate their lives as mothers, sex is often neglected as an afterthought. Many mothers find themselves feeling overwhelmed and not wanting to engage in postpartum sex as they fear it can be uncomfortable and painful.

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Understanding Postpartum Fears

After giving birth, a woman’s body experiences physical, mental and emotional changes. Many women experience physical discomfort, tiredness, and would rather sleep than think about sex. Emotional turmoil such as fear, guilt, embarrassment and low self-esteem often make it difficult for couples to regain intimacy and confidence.

Communication is Key

Having an open and honest conversation about sex with your partner is critical for a successful and enjoyable recovery. Let each other know your concerns and be receptive of each other’s feelings. It is important that couples come to a mutual understanding in order to make both parties comfortable with their postpartum sex life.

Health Considerations

It is important to follow all doctor’s orders and to understand when your body will be ready for intercourse. Generally, it is recommended that new mothers wait until their postpartum checkup before engaging in intercourse.

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It is especially important for newer mothers to pay attention when it comes to their health. Be sure to drink plenty of water, rest as much as possible and eat a balanced diet. Other holistic methods such as yoga, massage and aromatherapy can also help to reduce stress while recovering.

Bringing the Spark Back to Postpartum Sex

Foreplay and communication are key to having a successful postpartum sex life. Setting the mood with scented candles, music and massage can help to create an intimate setting. Choosing comfortable positions, such as spooning and using lubrication can help to avoid pain and discomfort. Ultimately, it is critical to be patient and understanding, being ready to laugh and start all over again if needed.

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Regain Confidence and Enjoy Postpartum Sex Again

New mothers can reclaim confidence and enjoy postpartum sex again. It is important to be willing to try new things and focus on communication, health, comfort and pleasure. As long as both partners share their concerns and focus on taking it slow, postpartum sex can be an intimate and enjoyable experience.

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