How to Travel with Diabetes: Tips and Precautions

Travel Diabetes

Travelling with Diabetes: Tips, Precautions & Health Tips

Are you a person with diabetes and planning to travel? If yes, then there are some things to consider before you set out. With the right precautions, you can make diabetes and travel work together. Before venturing out, follow these tips and precautions for traveling with diabetes.

1. Prepare for Medical Emergencies

Whether you travel domestic or international, plan ahead for medical emergencies. Make sure you have all the correct paperwork, medications, a letter from your doctor or an ID card with your condition. Just in case you experience a medical emergency, carry enough emergency glucose such as gels, juice, or snacks with you in case of low blood sugar.

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2. Have a Diabetes Travel Kit Handy

Be prepared by having travel supplies ready. Prepare a diabetes travel bag which includes snacks and food, testing supplies, blood sugar monitor and extra batteries, injections, lancets and lancing device, emergency contacts, ID card and a letter from your doctor.

3. Pack Minimum Personal Items

Pack only essential items. Carry only the necessary insulin and glucose to cover a few extra days when travelling. Keep them stored in secure bags and always have backup medicines with you in case of lost/stolen luggage.

4. Check Your Medication

Check your medications thoroughly before travelling. Confirm that you have enough to last throughout the entire trip. Make sure to carry your medications in your carry-on bag and check with the airlines about the specific security restrictions for flying with insulin and needles.

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5. Monitor Your Blood Sugar Level Regularly

Before traveling and once you reach at your destination, keep an eye on your blood sugar levels. Monitor your blood sugar every two to four hour to make sure you are in the desired range. Monitor your levels when they haven’t been very stable in the past few days before you depart on your journey.

6. Go For Regular Check-Ups

Visit your doctor prior to the day of your travel. Ask your doctor if you are fit to travel and they can make the necessary recommendations. Your doctor can provide you with a letter that tells about your condition and the treatments you’re currently taking to make sure you have enough of your medications and injectables.

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7. Eat Healthy Foods

Even when travelling, it’s important to eat healthy and follow your usual diet. Eating a variety of healthy food can ensure you get the required nutrients. Consume regular meals and snacks that are high in carbohydrates and low in fats and proteins. Reduce the intake of added sugars. Determine the carbohydrate content of the food items and check your blood sugar level frequently.

Wanderlust doesn’t mean compromising on your health conditions. For enjoyable and safe travel, make sure to plan ahead, be prepared and follow the above tips to travel confidently with diabetes.

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