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What Is Watchful Waiting?

Watchful waiting is an approach to health care and medical treatments involving an active survey of a patient’s condition rather than an immediate, aggressive intervention or treatment. It is often used when the decision making process for a medical treatment is complex, difficult or not agreed on by the patient and their doctor. With watchful waiting, a patient’s condition is monitored and recorded over a period of time, then either a decision is made to proceed with treatment or to continue monitoring.

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How Can Watchful Waiting Aid Your Treatment Decision?

When considering a treatment for a medical condition, watchful waiting can help provide clarity for making an informed decision about the best option. Watchful waiting takes time, typically a few weeks or months, depending on the severity of the condition. During that time, doctors will be making observations and recording any changes in the patient’s health. This gives them important data to make decisions on the best course of action.

What Are Some Examples of Treatment Decisions That Can Benefit From Watchful Waiting?

Watchful waiting can provide valuable insight and information that can guide decisions regarding certain medical treatments. Here are some common examples where this approach can be used:

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Prostate Cancer

Deciding whether to start treatment immediately or wait to see if the cancer progresses.

High Blood Pressure

Evaluating the best time to begin treatment or adjust existing treatment plans.


Watching for signs of inflammation and damage of the joints to decide on the most effective treatment.

Thyroid Problems

Ascertaining whether or not to start or adjust treatment.

The Benefits of Watchful Waiting

Using watchful waiting as part of a treatment decision-making process can provide many benefits for a patient. It allows for more time to evaluate a condition and weigh the potential risks and benefits of certain treatments. Additionally, watchful waiting can help reduce the risk of over-treating a condition, as well as the potential side effects of unnecessary treatments. With careful monitoring, doctors can make the most informed decision on when, and if, to proceed with treatment.

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Watchful waiting is a great way to gather important information to help make an informed decision on how to treat a medical condition. It is particularly useful when the decision making process is difficult or not agreed upon by the patient and their healthcare providers. Watchful waiting can help avoid unnecessary treatments and the side effects that come with them. With careful monitoring and data collection, medical decisions can be made with confidence.

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