Living with Parkinson’s: Tips for Managing Symptoms and Coping

Living Parkinson's

Living with Parkinson’s: Tips for Managing Symptoms and Health

Living with Parkinson’s Disease can be challenging, but it is possible to manage symptoms and health with the proper advice and support. If you are managing Parkinson’s, here are a few tips for managing your symptoms and improving your overall well-being.


Regular physical activity is important for everyone, with or without Parkinson’s, but it is especially important for people with Parkinson’s. Exercise promotes general cardiovascular fitness, mobility, mood, and cognitive health. Low-impact activities such as aquatic exercise, walking, and biking are best. Talk to your doctor to find an exercise plan that works for you.

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A balanced, nutritious diet is essential to maintaining your health. Eating a balanced diet can help you maintain your strength, energy levels, and general health. Your doctor can help you come up with a dietary plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Health Care Team

Your health care team is there to provide support and help you throughout your journey with Parkinson’s. It is important to establish a relationship with your doctor and other members of your health care team. Working together, you and your doctor can assess your symptoms and develop a treatment plan.

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Stress Management

Managing stress is an important part of managing the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Stress can worsen symptoms and make them more difficult to manage. Find ways to relax, such as meditating or taking part in activities that reduce stress.

Social Support

Having a strong network of family and friends can be beneficial for your mental and emotional health. Connecting with others who have Parkinson’s can be a great source of emotional support. There are also numerous online support groups and communities available.

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Living with Parkinson’s can be a challenge, but with the right advice and support, you can manage it and live a full and satisfying life. Take steps to manage your symptoms, stay active and connected to your health care team, and find strength in your support network.

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