Mass Extreme – reviews, price, composition and safety of the muscle-gain tablets

A perfectly built figure is the dream of many men. Intensive workouts and a healthy diet are sometimes not enough to achieve spectacular results. Help comes in the form of Mass Extreme, a dietary supplement for athletes that builds muscle mass and quickly helps to create spectacular body sculpture.

What is Mass Extreme?

Mass ExtremeMass Extreme tablets are a modern product that builds muscle tissue. The biggest advantage of the product is its high safety of use, as well as its quick and spectacular effects. Taken before training, it allows you to carry out more intense exercises by supplying a large portion of energy to the body. Mass Extreme dietary supplement is a product designed for men who want to sculpt their body to make it strong and to enjoy widespread respect. The product has a unique formula, based on a combination of substances with strong and decisive action. More energy at the gym means better results from training.

Composition of Mass Extreme tablets

The spectacular effects from taking Mass Extreme come from unique composition of the product and its strong action. Its formula has been designed iso that taking it regularly provides the best results. The effectiveness of the preparation comes from its use of the following ingredients:

fenugreek extract (fenugreek) – the seeds of this plant are a source of galactomannans, which increase glycogen synthesis in muscle cells. This ingredient allows the body to accumulate a greater number of cells, thereby increasing the volume of muscle tissue. Fenugreek extract also has a soothing and regenerating effect, and is responsible for maintaining the proper level of testosterone;

4-amino butanoic acid – this acid stimulates the secretion of growth hormone through its action on muscarinic receptors. This ingredient boosts energy during training and improves the overall effectiveness of the body. All this is possible thanks to the production of energy from burned fats;

D-aspartic acid – this acid is used in bodybuilding to support the production of more testosterone. It works in the central part of the brain, causing certain hormones to be released. What’s more, D-aspargic acid affects testicular function by limiting the rate of testosterone synthesis. Thanks to this, it is possible to increase the intensity of training and improve its effectiveness;

phosphatidic acid – the physical properties of phosphatidic acid are responsible for the shape and properties of the membranes of cells that build muscles. The acid increases muscle volume. Studies conducted on a group of athletes who take phosphatidic acid prove that it has a positive effect on muscle function as well as on increasing muscle mass;

5-deoxy-adenosylcobalamin – a powerful ingredient that increases muscle growth during increased physical activity. This ingredient is a coenzyme of vitamin B12, which increases appetite;

maca root extract (Peruvian pepper) – this ingredient affects the proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems and regulates the body’s hormonal balance. It significantly increases the body’s effectiveness, helping muscles recover during intense workouts.

The effectiveness of Mass Extreme tablets

Mass Extreme tablets have an innovative formula, which is the basis for obtaining satisfactory training results. The effectiveness of Mass Extreme has been proven during research conducted at the University of Tampa, Florida. Scientists proved that phosphatidic acid, which is the basis of a dietary supplement, stimulates mTOR kinase, which is responsible for regulating muscle growth. What’s more, the innovative combination of other tablet ingredients effectively stimulates muscle growth, while improving the strength and endurance of the body. According to research results, regular use of the Mass Extreme dietary supplement contributes to an increase in muscle mass by up to 2.4 kg after a few weeks of starting supplementation. The ingredients of the tablets improve the overall work of muscles, improve their functioning, and thus helping you get the most out of your training plan.

What are the effects of regular supplementation?

Mass Extreme dietary supplement studies were conducted on a group of active athletes. Some of them took pills for muscle mass, the others took a placebo. Mass Extreme allows you to increase muscle mass by up to 96%. The key to success was regular supplementation combined with intense strength training, thanks to which muscles increased their volume. What’s more, studies have also shown that regular use of the supplement increases strength by up to 147% compared to the state before treatment. Thanks to this, the planned effects appear much faster, and the entire training plan can be implemented in less time.

Supplementing the body with Mass Extreme tablets increases the power and efficiency of the body by up to 30%. Therefore, more intense workouts are possible, and hence faster and more spectacular effects. It has even been noticed that taking a capsule before training allows the number of repetitions to be increased by up to four times! Therefore, it is possible to complete the entire training plan, as well as perform a dozen or so additional repetitions without much effort. The biggest advantage from the bodybuilder’s point of view is excellent body sculpting with a natural look and strength. The visible ‘pumped’ look, which appears during regular use of the supplement, is a perfect reflection of the combination of intensive training with the best available dietary supplement for muscle mass – Mass Extreme.

Taking Mass Extreme tablets

According to the producer’s instructions, Mass Extreme tablets should be taken twice a day two capsules at a time. It is best to take tablets with a full meal, which gives the most tangible benefits and will avoid the occurrence of gastrointestinal side effects. The tablets should be swallowed 30 minutes before the first meal and before training, with plenty of water. To get the best results, Mass Extreme should be taken for a minimum of 3 months. Importantly, the time it takes to achieve satisfactory results is different for each organism. This results directly from differences in structure and metabolism.

Who are the tablets for?

Mass Extreme is a product designed for both men and women. The product should be taken by all people working on their figure and wanting to quickly and spectacularly develop a perfectly sculpted body. The supplement is for anyone who wants to increase energy levels and be able to exercise more effectively and longer during regular strength training.

Refund guarantee

In the event of dissatisfaction with the effects of Mass Extreme supplementation or lack of improvement in the appearance of the figure, the producer allows you to return supplements within 90 days. The refund guarantee is the best proof of the effectiveness of the supplement, which at the same time ensures spectacular effects and the highest safety of use.

Side effects

Previous studies and monitoring of customers’ health have not produced any data on the occurrence of side effects when taking the Mass Extreme dietary supplement. However, like any supplement, Mass Extreme can also cause unwanted reactions from the body. These may be associated with allergic and gastrointestinal reactions. The occurrence of any adverse reactions should be consulted by a doctor and treatment should be stopped immediately. The risk of side effects is, however, negligible, due to the safe composition and doses adjusted to bodies of athletes.


Due to the strong effect of the supplement, the tablets are not recommended for persons under sixteen years of age, in pregnant and lactating women and in people with hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation. In the event of allergic or defensive reactions of the body, taking the product should be stopped and a doctor should be consulted.

Where to buy Mass Extreme tablets?

Mass Extreme is sold only on the producer’s website. The supplement cannot be purchased at any pharmacy, both real and online. This is due to the need to apply a high margin that would significantly affect the cost of the product. It is recommended to buy the supplement from the producer’s online store, which guarantees the highest quality and effectiveness. It happens that in other online stores fake products are sold, the quality of which leaves much to be desired.

Price of the supplement

Mass Extreme tablets are sold directly by the producer at the company’s online store. A single pack of the supplement contains 60 capsules, constituting a supply of tablets for one month of treatment. The cost of one pack is $59. The producer also sells the product in sets. The first set contains three packs, of which you pay for two, receiving the third for free. The price of the standard set is $118. A second, optimal set is also available at the online store. By buying three packs, you receive another three free, enough for 6 months of treatment. This set costs $177.

Confidentiality when ordering

To ensure the privacy of customers, data provided when placing an order is completely confidential and not disseminated to other parties. This is to ensure maximum comfort when ordering products. Moreover, the package in which the products are shipped does not bear any signs that could suggest the contents of the package. Thanks to this, every customer can feel comfortable and anonymous.


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