Nutrigo Lab Mass – an effective nutrient for muscle mass building – review

Nutrigo Lab Mass – an effective nutrient for muscle mass building

Nutrigo Lab MassNutrigo Lab Mass is one of the best supplements for muscle mass building. In this article I will tell you about why it is worth choosing this supplement instead of classic, already proven products. I have a feeling that this new product will soon be more and more often used not only by veterans of gyms, but also by beginners.

Every man has dreamed having big muscles at least once. It’s not about having biceps the size of huge stones, but have a small amount of body fat and slightly larger, well-defined muscles. Nutrigo Lab Mass is a good solution both for those who would like to have such “stones” and for those who just want to delicately improve their silhouette.

Of course, even the best food supplement can’t build anything by itself. You need a diet for muscle mass and proper training. The diet should be properly balanced to provide the body with all necessary building components. Sometimes, however, not everything goes according to our plan, so it is worth using a good supplement to replenish possible deficits.

For me, the most rational choice is Nutrigo Lab Mass. This tasty shake has everything your body needs. It contains specially formulated Isolac® and Optipep® formulas, so we are sure it is a top-of-the-line supplement. Guaranteed amazing effects.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – great properties without side effects!

Nutrigo Lab Mass was created with the use of the best natural ingredients so it is both very effective and safe. Many of the supplements considered to be certain are outdated formulas, which of course work, but not as effectively as the new ones. Nutrigo Lab Mass contains Isolac® and Optipep®, so a certain effect is more than guaranteed.

 Nutrigo Lab Mass properties

  • Visible development of muscle mass in a relatively short period of time
  • Maintaining built up muscle mass
  • Improvement of fitness and physical strength
  • Regulation of the hormonal management and activity
  • Continuous replenishment of glycogen reserves that are used during workouts
  • Providing all necessary nutrients. Those from Nutrigo Lab Mass are better absorbed by the body than those from other supplements
  • Stimulation of growth hormone production.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – supplement composition and nutritional value

There is no doubt that among muscle mass supplements, Nutrigo Lab Mass is distinguished by its composition.  The muscle mass shake formula is very interesting. The product consists of certain, well-tested ingredients that provide the best possible results. So far, the shake itself is available in two flavours – chocolate and vanilla. However, this is not the most important thing. Let’s move on to the composition:

  • Proteins (23.35 g per serving) – in Nutrigo Lab Mass it is present in several easily digestible forms:
    • Whey protein concentrate (up to 80% of proteins)
    • Isolac® whey protein isolate (90% protein)
    • Optipep® whey protein hydrolysate (90% protein)
  • Carbohydrates (57.54 g) which constitute 22% of one serving
  • Fats (3.69 g) which constitute 5% of one serving
    • Saturated fats (1.39 g) which constitute 7% of one serving
  • Fibre (1.56 g) – supports digestion, proper cholesterol and glucose levels in blood, reduces the risk of many diseases, helps to cleanse the body, helps to reduce weight
  • Amino acids (2000 mg) – in Nutrigo Lab Mass are in the form of BCCA branched together with l-glutamine, which is a very valuable ingredient for athletes (removes unnecessary metabolic products from the body and supports muscle development)
  • Vitamin B6 (1.40 mg) – if you train for a longer time, you know that it is essential for muscle building. Vitamin B6 takes part in the protein metabolism and increases the training performance of the body
  • Zinc (10 mg) – regulates metabolic processes, increases testosterone levels and intensifies muscle protein synthesis.

In total, one shake created from Nutrigo Lab Mass provides 357 kcal / 1512 kJ to the body.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – how and when to use?

Nutrigo Lab Mass is especially recommended for physically active people – not only gym veterans. Regular drinking of the shake means that after some time, we can enjoy more repetitions of each exercise. More advanced training combined with the Nutrigo Lab Mass formula means more visible results.

You can always find recommendations for use on the label. In the case of Nutrigo Lab Mass, you should drink 1 or 2 shakes every day. For one shake, the recommended dosage is 4 scoops (a scooper is included) with 200 ml of milk or water. The best moment for a shake is after exercising. However, if you have a day without exercising, the manufacturer recommends consumption between meals.

Does it cause side effects?

Nutrigo Lab Mass is made from the best natural ingredients – thoroughly tested for safety. The use according to the manufacturer’s recommendations cannot adversely affect the functioning of the body. The only “side effects” are an increase in strength, endurance and, above all, muscle tissue!

Nutrigo Lab Mass – how much does it cost and where can I order it?

The best place to buy is the distributor’s official website. Unfortunately, we can only order Nutrigo Lab Mass online. However, on the other hand, this has its advantages – after all, we don’t have to leave the house and search for products all over the city.

At the moment the price for one package of Nutrigo Lab Mass is $99, but a special offer is also available. When you buy two packages, the third one is free of charge. It costs a bit, but it’s really worth it – the effects thanks to the supplement will reward everything.

Watch out for fraudsters!

I would like to warn you against fraudulent auctioneers. They promote products as 100% original at an attractive price. If you want to save money on Nutrigo Lab Mass, ask the manufacturer (preferably by contacting the official website) whether the product you want to order comes from official distribution.

I’m writing to you about this because I once got fooled myself at a low price. I was looking for one popular protein at the lowest price and just clicked Buy Now. I ordered 3 packages of this protein. After using one package I sent the rest back under warranty, because there were no effects at all. The manufacturer contacted me, explaining that the product was not original. I wanted to save $40 on one package and it ended badly…. I didn’t even know what I was taking. Also, if you want to order at a low price, contact the manufacturer and ask if the seller on the auction website is authorized to sell the product. Really!

Nutrigo Lab Mass – consumer feedback

Most opinions about Nutrigo Lab Mass confirm that it is an effective nutrient for everyone. Many people were initially sceptical about the supplement because of their attachment to popular brands that everyone knows. However, it’s not necessary because most of these people have stayed with the Nutrigo Lab shake for good.

Opinions of the forum and blogs admit that Nutrigo Lab Mass has a very good performance. As one of the bodybuilders writes in response to unfounded opinions: “First check and then evaluate”. More and more athletes are using Nutrigo Lab Mass and they appreciate it very much!

Get to know Nutrigo Lab better!

Nutrigo Lab is a fast growing brand producing high quality food supplements for physically active people. Their offer includes not only the product for muscle mass from this review, but also the Nutrigo Lab Regeneration (a product that supports regeneration after workout), the Nutrigo Lab Burner (a great fat burner) and the Nutrigo Lab Strength (a good conditioner that increases efficiency). Each of these products is characterized by a safe composition created with the most modern formulas.

Is it worth buying Nutrigo Lab Mass?

Nutrigo Lab Mass is an effective protein nutrient whose effect leaves no doubt. This is confirmed by the opinions of satisfied customers – not only bodybuilders, but also many other athletes. What is more, the effectiveness of individual ingredients in the supplement is confirmed by numerous clinical studies. We are dealing with an effective and safe product, and this is a very good combination, which you will certainly appreciate.

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