Planning for a Healthy Pregnancy: Preparing Your Body for 9 Months

Planning Healthy

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Are you getting ready to embark on one of life’s most amazing journeys with the arrival of a new baby? Congratulations! Pregnancy is an exciting and overwhelming experience that involves many physical and emotional changes.

It’s essential to ensure you do everything you can to take the best possible care of yourself and your developing baby. Planning for a healthy pregnancy is an important component for both of you to enjoy the whole experience for all nine months and beyond.

Checkup Visit with Your Doctor

Your first step in preparing for a healthy pregnancy is to schedule a checkup with your doctor. During the visit, it’s important to discuss any current medical conditions you may have, any family medical history, and your lifestyle. Your doctor will need to know your health status before recommending the best care plan for you.

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Eating a Balanced Diet

Throughout your pregnancy, eating healthy is essential for the health of your baby. Eating a balanced diet with wholesome and nutritious foods will provide your baby with the essential vitamins and minerals needed for developing a healthy baby.
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grains, as well as lean proteins. Avoid processed foods that contain preservatives and artificial flavors as much as possible.

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Folic Acid Supplements

Folic acid is an important part of maintaining a healthy pregnancy. This vitamin helps prevent birth defects of the baby’s developing neural tube. Doctors may advise taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid during the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. Folic acid supplements can be taken during the entire pregnancy.

Getting the Right Amount of Exercise

Exercising while pregnant also helps maintain overall health during pregnancy. If you’re not used to exercising, begin slowly. Exercise helps reduce stress and nausea symptoms common during the first trimester. Swimming, walking and yoga are all recommended forms of exercise for pregnant moms.

Monitor Your Weight Gain

Women generally need to gain weight during pregnancy, but should keep it in the range recommended by their doctor. Excessive weight gain could lead to problems for mother and baby. Women of normal weight before pregnancy should expect to gain 25-35 pounds during the pregnancy.

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Avoid Unhealthy Substances

Some substances can be harmful to your baby during pregnancy, so it’s important to avoid things like smoking, alcohol, caffeine and certain medications. Taking an occasional over-the-counter pain reliever may be acceptable, but it’s best to talk to your doctor first.


By following these steps, you can help ensure that both you and your baby stay safe and healthy throughout the nine months of your pregnancy. Get off to an amazing start by planning for a healthy pregnancy and taking the necessary steps for a great outcome.

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