ProBreast Plus for breast enlargement – composition, action, reviews and where to buy?

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The bust is an attractive feature of every woman, whose healthy and firm appearance depends mainly on daily care. Breasts that are too small can cause numerous complexes that can affect a woman’s self-esteem. How to effectively enlarge the bust without surgery? ProBreast Plus is a natural way to enlarge your breasts.

What is ProBreast Plus?

ProBreast PlusProBreast Plus is a natural cosmetic with a bust-enhancing effect. The producer offers two products: a cream and a dietary supplement. Simultaneous use of the two products guarantees breast enlargement by up to two sizes. This new treatment is based on the action of phytoestrogens, stimulating the breast glands to grow and firming up the bust. The comprehensive approach to the problem of small breasts means that the treatment’s spectacular effects are visible in a short time. How do ProBreast Plus cream and dietary supplement work?

Probreast Plus Dietary Supplement – product composition

ProBreast Plus capsules are a dietary supplement, which in combination with the cream of the same brand provides effective, natural breast enlargement. The composition of the tablets is based on natural ingredients such as:

  • fenugreek,
  • fennel,
  • hops
  • I-tyrosine,
  • cumin,
  • soy isoflavones,
  • vitamins E and B6.

The active composition of the product stimulates the mammary glands to work by increasing the level of estrogen in the blood. For small breasts, regular use of the product visibly increases them by up to two sizes, while large busts become firmer and fuller. The preparation also affects skin condition, increasing its elasticity and firmness. The skin becomes more resistant to the negative effects of time and abrasions. It is recommended to take two tablets a day, and the breast-enlarging effect by one, two or three sizes is visible in a relatively short time.

Probreast Plus Cream – product composition

ProBreast Plus Cream complements the modern breast enlargement treatment. The product’s composition, as in the case of the dietary supplement, is based on the action of natural ingredients. The product contains:

  • hops,
  • marigold,
  • sunflower oil,
  • sweet almond oil,
  • soybean glycine,
  • allantoin,
  • Vitamin E.

The modern cream formula provides breasts with phytoestrogens, which stimulate breast growth. This cream is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients that significantly improve skin firmness. Due to the active action of the cream, the ingredients stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, making the skin firm, elastic and tight. The effects of using the cream in combination with the dietary supplement in capsules are visible shortly after application.

How does ProBreast Plus work?

Basing the formula on natural ingredients makes it a great alternative to invasive plastic surgery, which can have negative health impacts. The effect is comprehensive because it simultaneously stimulates the body from the inside and the outside. How does the preparation work?

1. Internal stimulation

Taking ProBreast Plus dietary supplement capsules increases estrogen production. The composition of the supplement nourishes, regenerates and stimulates the production of hormones responsible for the proper functioning of the mammary glands. Small breasts get bigger, big ones fill out and get firmer.

2. External stimulation

Direct contact of the preparation with the skin of the breast means that action can be targeted precisely. The ingredients of the preparation support breast growth and effective hydration and elasticity of the epidermis. The firming effect of the cream stimulates the skin to work, making it look attractive and young. What’s more, the active composition of the product delays skin aging.

3. Safe to use

The composition of the preparation has been clinically tested, which confirmed the safety of its use. The product’s carefully selected ingredients are completely natural, therefore the risk of allergic reactions is reduced to a minimum. Its safe and proven ingredients have no harmful effects on the body.

4. Fast effects

Thanks to the comprehensive action of the dietary supplement and cream, the first breast-enlargement effects are visible soon after the first application. The spectacular effects are visible after a few weeks of taking it regularly.

Opinions about the product

When women first hear about ProBreast Plus they are wary of believing in the final effect of the treatment. A few weeks of taking the preparation allows you to obtain the effects. The product’s active composition stimulates the body to produce estrogen, which translates into significant breast enlargement and firming. Importantly, the product is used by both women with small and ample breasts. For women with small breasts, the preparation enlarges them by several sizes, while ample breasts become visibly fuller and firmer. Below are the opinions of customers who have benefited from the modern breast enlargement treatment:

My breasts have always been small. In high school I envied my friends who were generously endowed by nature. For a moment I even thought about plastic surgery, but after reading articles about possible complications from surgery, I gave up. I started looking for natural preparations for breast enlargement and finally found ProBreast Plus. After a few weeks, I noticed a marked improvement. My bust was fuller and firmer. After two months, I bought a larger bra. I recommend it to all girls with small breasts! – Ewa, 27 years old


I have always had big breasts since I can remember. I used to wear size E in high school, and my breasts grew even larger during my first pregnancy. After my second pregnancy, I noticed that they were no longer as full as they used to be. They had lost volume and firmness, and I lost my attractiveness in the eyes of my husband. I started looking for ways to improve my bust. A friend recommended ProBreast Plus. At first I wasn’t convinced of the effects, but I quickly changed my mind. After 6 weeks from the first application, I noticed a clear improvement. My bust became firmer and as full as it used to be. My husband and I are very pleased. – Aleksandra, 34 years old

Effects of taking the product

Many women taking ProBreast Plus wonder about whether the effects are long-lasting. The clearest effects are visible when taking the supplements, because the preparation directly affects the stimulation of the mammary glands and increased secretion of estrogen. The long-lasting effect is clearly firmer and fuller bust, as well as elastic skin. The first effects appear after two weeks of taking the treatment, but the full effect appears after about two months.

Quality guarantee

Clinical tests conducted on ProBreast Plus guarantee maximum results with regular use of the treatment. The tests were conducted by Dr Henryk Różański and confirm the effect of the active ingredients of the preparation, including fenugreek. It has a significant impact on the proper functioning of the endocrine system and stimulation of the mammary glands. Hops also have an excellent effect on breast enlargement. They have an estrogenic effect and directly affect women’s endocrine system. This allows for effective enlargement and firming of the bust. What’s more, studies conducted on a group of women prove that as many as 92% of women are satisfied with the effect of the treatment. For these women, the supplement allowed them to enlarge their bust by up to two sizes.

Side effects

The preparation’s ingredients are carefully selected natural products that do not adversely affect a woman’s health in any way. They also do not cause side effects, which has been confirmed in clinical trials conducted in laboratory conditions. The product ingredients are carefully selected and certified, and skin tolerance is very high. You don’t have to be afraid of unwanted side effects because the composition is 100% natural.


According to the producer’s instructions, the dietary supplement in capsules should be taken twice a day, one capsule before a meal. The tablet should be taken with plenty of water. The recommended dose should not be exceeded, as it may result in a defensive reaction of the digestive system. The cream should be massaged into the breast skin twice a day – morning and evening. Any breast problems should be consulted with a doctor before starting treatment.

Price of ProBreast Plus

The producer of ProBreast Plus has prepared a range of deals for the products. The basic package includes 60 dietary supplement capsules and one pack of cream. The cost of purchasing the basic package is $60. The next package contains three sets of products, of which you pay for two products, receiving a third free. The price of this larger set is $122. The last package offered is a supply for 6 months of treatment, which contains 6 sets of products and costs $183.

Where can I buy ProBreast Plus?

ProBreast Plus is not available in any pharmacy, either real or online. The producer sells the product through his website. It is not recommended to buy the product on other producers’ websites or on online auction sites, because there is a risk of buying a counterfeit product. The highest product quality is only guaranteed by purchasing ProBreast Plus via the dedicated website. Importantly, the producer may in the future introduce the product to pharmacies, but it is currently impossible due to high margins and the need to raise the price of the product.


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