Profolan – reviews, price and composition of hair growth tablets, where to buy?

Androgenetic alopecia affects up to 50% of men around the age of 50. A determined response helps to stop hair loss in its tracks, and the right treatment allows the stimulation of new hair growth. Profolan is a natural way to combat male baldness effectively. Profolan – a preparation based on natural ingredients with an innovative formula that stimulates hair growth.

What is Profolan?

profolanProfolan is a dietary supplement created especially for men. Its composition is based on the innovative Grow3 formula, containing three unique ingredients: field horsetail, nettle and I-cysteine. The natural ingredients that make up the formula effectively stimulate hair growth and allow hair to be preserved and its natural colour to be extracted. This product is new on the Polish market. It appeared in the Polish dietary supplement market in 2019, gaining immediate popularity due to its effective and fast action. The product is intended for men struggling with the loss of hair and its general weakness.

Composition of the product

Profolan is a modern nutricosmetic, based on a unique recipe, combining natural plant extracts with bioactive sulphur amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals. The composition of the product includes biotin and zinc, which have a strong stimulating effect on hair growth, as well as copper, which allows the natural colour of hair to be maintained. The product includes:

  • horsetail extract,
  • taurine
  • nettle extract
  • L-cysteine
  • vitamin E, B6, A
  • thiamine
  • biotin.

Field horsetail – field horsetail extract has been used in natural medicine for many years. It has strong anti-hair loss properties. It also reduces the oiliness of the scalp, and also prevents and treats dandruff.

Nettle – nettle extract is rich in numerous nutrients that affect its healing properties. Nettle reduces hair loss, stimulates hair growth and improves the overall condition of the hair and scalp.

L-cysteine – is the basic ingredient involved in the formation of keratin, which is the main component of hair building material. It is used in cosmetics and dietary supplements for the regeneration of damaged hair and treatment of various skin diseases.

The way Profolan works

Profolan’s action is related to the innovative composition of the product, based mainly on natural ingredients. The base of the product is the Grow3 formula, which is responsible for the stimulation of hair growth and its overall strengthening. The preparation has been enriched with vitamins and minerals that, acting from the inside, improve the condition of the scalp and hair follicles. The preparation also affects hair colour, strengthening it and bringing out its natural shade. The hair growth tablets block the production of DHT, the male hormone responsible for androgenetic alopecia. The active composition of the product improves blood supply to the scalp, which strengthens hair follicles.

Benefits of taking Profolan

The excellent effects obtained from taking Profolan are linked to its modern composition. Hair loss is a problem for many men, which can translate into a decrease in self-esteem and confidence problems. Proper treatment and responding quickly to the first symptoms of baldness will bring results. What are the benefits of taking Profolan? The most important advantage is its unique composition. Another is its high efficiency – research shows that satisfactory results are achieved in 9 out of 10 men. The producer guarantees a refund if there is no apparent improvement in baldness within 90 days of starting treatment. What’s more, the delivery time is very short, because the producer dispatches orders immediately after they are submitted.

Who is Profolan for?

Profolan is intended for any man over the age of 18 who is struggling with the problem of hair loss. Importantly, the product is also effective when baldness begins, as well as in the case of complete hair loss, even if it took place several years ago. Such properties are possible due to its unique composition, which directly affects the source of the problem from the inside. Profolan is intended for the treatment of all types of baldness – androgenic and caused by stress, age or genetics. Regular use of the preparation allows hair loss to be stopped, the strengthening of hair follicles and new hair growth to be stimulated.

Inhibiting the greying process

The unique formula of Profolan is based on natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to this, the process of inhibiting baldness and stimulating new hair growth is completely safe for the body. The mixture of ingredients not only inhibits the production of the hormone DTH, responsible for androgenetic alopecia in men, but also restores and maintains natural hair colour. The supplement fights the hair greying process, strengthening its natural colour.

Opinions about the product

Profolan is new in the Polish dietary supplement market. The product comes from the United States, where it enjoys great recognition among its many customers. In Poland, it is gaining popularity every month, becoming a leader in the Polish hair growth supplement market. Opinions of the first customers of Profolan:

“I started taking Profolan tablets five months ago because I have been struggling with hair loss for over a year. I’m only 26 years old and an unsightly receding hairline began to appear around the temples. Before starting the Profolan treatment, I used other hair growth tablets, but there was no effect. I came across Profolan by accident, thanks to which after two months I noticed a clear improvement. My hair stopped falling out by the handful, and new haor started growing back where it hadn’t been before. I intend to continue the treatment. I definitely recommend this product!” – Krzysztof, 26 years old

“After hitting fifty I began to notice significant hair loss. I never had a problem with baldness before, which is why I could not accept my receding hairline. A colleague from work recommended Profolan, and so my adventure fighting hair loss began. After about two months, I began to notice a clear improvement. My hair became stronger, fell out less, and new hair began to appear on my hairline. In also noticed that there were fewer grey hairs. I would like to than the producers of Profolan, I will recommend these tablets to any man with a similar problem.” – Jerzy, 52 years old

Side effects

Profolan’s hair loss formula is based on natural ingredients such as field horsetail and nettle. As a result, this product is completely safe and can be used without fear of side effects. However, the recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Profolan tablets should also be taken while eating. Taking the tablets on an empty stomach may cause adverse gastrointestinal reactions. Wash each tablet down with a drink of water. In addition, taking the tablets with other medications, as well as the occurrence of any health problems before and during the treatment should be consulted with your family doctor.

How much does Profolan cost?

The cost of Profolan depends on the set chosen by the customer and offered by the producer. The price of a single pack is $69. A pack contains 60 capsules. The first set contains three packs, of which you pays for two, receiving the third for free. This set costs $138 and is enough for three months of regular use. The last set offered by the producer is the best one, as buying three packs, you receive three additional packs for free. The set costs $207 and is the supplement will last for 6 months. It’s easy to see that buying the larger set saves money. Therefore, it is worth choosing the six-pack set because you get three packs for free.

Where to buy Profolan tablets?

Profolan tablets are available without a prescription, but you can’t buy them in any real or online pharmacy. It is therefore recommended to buy the product directly from the producer’s online store, which guarantees that the tablets will be original and high quality. Don’t be tempted by cheaper packs sold on other websites, because the formula of the preparation is often copied, and the quality of the tablets leaves much to be desired. The producer often offers attractive promotions and competitions in which products can be bought at promotional prices, much lower than the standard price.

Refund guarantee

Profolan’s innovative formula is a guarantee of its effective action. The producer allows product returns and a full refund within 90 days of purchase, if treatment does not bring the intended effect. This is the best evidence that Profolan hair growth tablets are an effective way to combat androgenetic alopecia. The preparation is recommended for use only by men who are struggling with the problem of weak and falling-out hair. The mineral ingredients contained in the preparation not only improve the overall condition of the hair, but also help to maintain its beautiful, natural colour.

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