Schuessler Cell Salts: Natural Remedies for Healing & Overall Well-Being

Schuessler Salts

Schuessler Cell Salts – Natural Remedies for Healing & Overall Well-Being and Health

Schuessler cell salts, also known as biochemic cell salts, are type of homeopathic mineral compound. They are based on the research of German physician, Wilhelm Schuessler, who first proposed in 1873 that our body’s health is dependent upon properly balanced levels of cellsalts – or homeotrophic minerals. This type of natural remedy promotes health and wellbeing, and it has been used for centuries all around the world.

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The Benefits of Schuessler Cell Salts

Schuessler cell salts come with a variety of health benefits. They help to restore balance and health to the body, and can help to alleviate many common issues such as low energy levels, skin problems, respiratory problems, and more. Cell salts also help to boost the body’s natural detoxification and digestion. By taking regular doses of cell salts, you can help to maintain optimal health and wellness.

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How to Use Schuessler Cell Salts

Using Schuessler cell salts is easy. The salts are usually taken internally in pill or liquid form. The recommended dosage for each salt depends on the desired effect, but generally, it is suggested to take 1-2 gruaen tablets three times daily as a preventative measure. To treat a specific condition, you may take more and for a longer period of time.

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Schuessler Cell Salts and Overall Well-Being and Health

Schuessler cell salts are a natural and safe way to improve overall health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that regular use of these cell salts can help to improve energy levels and balance the body’s processes. This form of natural remedy can help to promote optimal health and prevent many common ailments.

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