Sex Addiction: What Causes It and How to Get Help

Addiction Causes

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is an obsessive form of compulsive behavior characterized by a person’s need to regularly engage in sexual activities to the point that it interferes with his or her ability to lead a normal life. Typically, a person with sex addiction is unable to control these behaviors and often end up in risky or dangerous situations. Sex addiction can be both physical and psychological in nature, and it can have devastating effects on relationships, careers, and mental health.

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What Causes Sex Addiction?

The exact cause of sex addiction is still unknown and being studied by experts, but there are some contributing factors that have been identified. These include mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, unresolved childhood trauma, and abuse, as well as biochemistry, genetics, a person’s age, and the presence of other addictions or co-occurring disorders such as alcohol or drug abuse.

How to Get Help for Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is an illness that can be treated with professional help, so seeking help is the first step on the road to recovery. Treatment usually consists of psychotherapy and various types of psychological and behavioral therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, to help a person identify and address the underlying causes. Additionally, support groups and 12-step programs such as Sex Addicts Anonymous can be beneficial, providing individuals a safe collective of others who are also struggling with sex addiction.

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Health Benefits of Treating Sex Addiction

The primary benefit of treating sex addiction is that it can lead to improved overall health, both mental and physical. As sex addiction is often linked to mental health issues such as depression and low self-esteem, addressing and tackling these issues can lead to an overall healthier state of mind. Additionally, choosing to seek help for sex addiction can lead to improved interpersonal relationships, reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and lead to a healthier, fulfilling life.

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