Sports Safety: How Mouthguards Improve Protection and Performance

Sports Safety

Mouthguards: How They Improve Protection and Performance

Mouthguards are a highly important piece of safety equipment for any contact sport. Not only do they protect the teeth and tissue of the mouth, they can also improve performance and health. Whether you’re a casual athlete or a professional one, it is essential that you use a mouthguard.

Protect Your Teeth and Tissue

In any contact sport, it is incredibly important that you protect your teeth and tissue against damage. Without a good mouthguard, you ca easily suffer from cracked or even broken teeth, as well as serious trauma to the tongue and other soft tissue. A mouthguard can help to provide a layer of protection against these kinds of injuries, allowing you to play the sport with greater confidence, knowing that your mouth is safe.

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Improve Performance and Health

Mouthguards can not just provide protection against injuries, but can actually improve performance and health. The protection that a mouthguard provides against the physical trauma of playing a contact sport can actually improve performance, as players can worry less and focus more on their skills. Additionally, mouthguards can help to improve the health of a player’s oral health in general, by helping to cushion the teeth against extra wear and tear.

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The Types of Mouthguards Available

  • Ready-Made Mouthguards – These are the most common and are usually very affordable. They are usually made from rubber and can be easily purchased in most sports stores.
  • Boil & Bite Mouthguards – These are a step-up from ready-made ones, offering a better fit and more protection. As the name suggests, you must boil them first and then bite down on them.
  • Custom-Made Mouthguards – For maximum protection and performance, you can invest in a custom-made mouthguard. These are designed specifically for your teeth and will offer the best protection and performance.


Mouthguards should be an important part of anyone’s safety kit when participating in a contact sport. They can provide a layer of protection against teeth and tissue damage, while also improving performance and enhancing oral health. Ultimately, the right kind of mouthguard should be chosen based on the sport and the personal preference of the athlete.

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