The benefits of equine therapy for older adults

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The Benefits of Equine Therapy for Older Adults and Health

Equine therapy is becoming increasingly popular, especially among older adults. It offers numerous physical and mental health benefits that provide various advantages for individuals of all ages. By participating in equine therapy, older adults can improve their health and well-being. Here are some of the major benefits of equine therapy for older adults and health.

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It Boosts Physical Strength

Regularly engaging in equine therapy can provide older adults with improved physical and muscular strength. During the therapy sessions, they will aim to connect with the horse, take part in activities like grooming, as well as practice balance and coordination exercises while riding. All of these activities can help support the overall flexibility and agility of older adults with arthritis and osteoporosis.

It Enhances Emotional Health

As the bond between an older adult and their horse grows, the individual will gain a sense of confidence and develop much-needed social skills. It gives them the opportunity to create a trusting connection, which is beneficial for improving their emotional health. In addition, it helps reduce stress and anxiety levels, as well as relax and focus the mind.

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It Provides Cognitive Benefits

Equine therapy is known to improve a person’s overall cognitive functioning. According to research, regularly engaging in equine therapy can reduce age-related cognitive decline and the risk of developing serious conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

To sum up, equine therapy provides a range of health benefits for older adults, such as improved physical strength, enhanced emotional health, and cognitive benefits. In addition, this type of therapy can help individuals with depression and social isolation deal with their negative emotions and lead an independent lifestyle. Thus, we can say that equine therapy is beneficial for older adults and health.

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