Tips for Helping Kids Overcome Ear Infections and Protect Hearing

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Kids are prone to suffering from ear infections more than adults, causing pain, fever, irritability and complications that often require antibiotics. To help your kid prevent future infections, reduce the current symptoms and protect hearing and health, it’s important to take action with 4 simple steps.

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1. Block Water from Entering the Ears

When your child takes a bath or goes swimming, keep the water out of the ears. Remember to use earplugs or a swimming cap so that water can’t enter the ear canal. You can also use medical-grade earplugs that can be safely used by kids.

2. Keep the Nose Clear

It’s important to prevent a stuffy nose in your child by wiping their nose with a damp, warm cloth several times a day. This will clear the sinuses and reduce the pressure. You can also use a humidifier, as dry air can worsen the infection.

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3. Treat Symptoms with Over-the-Counter Drugs

Once your doctor has prescribed antibiotics, treat the symptoms associated with the infection with over-the-counter analgesics or anti-inflammatories. Acetaminophen can also be helpful in reducing pain and fever.

4. Monitor the Symptoms

Monitor the duration and severity of the symptoms and have your doctor re-evaluate your child if necessary. Provide relief for the earache with warm compresses and encourage your kid to drink plenty of liquids, which can help to thin mucus secretions.

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These tips should help you help your child reduce the symptoms of an ear infection, prevent future infections and keep their hearing and health safe. Make sure to follow any instructions from your doctor, contact them if symptoms worsen, and monitor your child’s condition.

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