What is a Doula? Benefits for Pregnant Women and New Parents

Doula Benefits

What is a Doula?

A doula is a pregnancy and birth support helper who provides continuous care, physical and emotional support, and education to women, pregnant couples and new parents. A doula brings knowledge, support, and comfort to pregnant women, couples and new parents throughout pregnancy, labor and birth and postpartum.

Benefits of a Doula to Pregnant Women and New Parents

Doulas provide invaluable education, emotional and physical support for pregnant women, couples and new parents. Pregnancy and childbirth are often physically and emotionally challenging times, and doulas can help alleviate the stress and provide confidence in the birthing process.

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Benefits to Pregnant Women

  • Physical Support – Doulas offer physical comfort during labor, providing massage, breathing exercises and more to help manage physical pain.
  • Emotional Support – Doulas offer emotional support by listening closely to parents and helping them communicate with their healthcare providers.
  • Educational Resources – Doulas help pregnant women and couples stay informed on topics related to pregnancy and birth such as nutrition, labor and delivery, and postpartum.

Benefits to New Parents

  • Infant Feeding – Doulas provide education and emotional support on topics related to bottle feeding and breastfeeding.
  • Infant Care – Doulas provide knowledge and support to help new parents properly care for their newborn.
  • Postpartum Recovery – Doulas support physical and emotional healing after childbirth by teaching mom how to take care of herself, providing emotional support for all new family members.

Health Benefits of a Doula

There are numerous health benefits to having a doula. Studies have shown that doulas reduce labor and delivery times, lessen the need for pain relief medications, and reduce the risk of a cesarean section. Additionally, doulas can provide guidance and support to help women and couples make informed choices.

Overall, doulas provide an invaluable form of support to pregnant women, couples and new parents throughout the entire pregnancy journey. They offer physical and emotional support, education and resources throughout the prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum phases.

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