What is an Oncologist and What They Do



An oncologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other types of cancer related diseases. Oncologists are specialists who analyze biopsy results and diagnose tumors and other abnormal growths as cancer. Treatment plans are developed and cancer patients are monitored and treated for the course of their illness.

The Role of An Oncologist in Health Care

The role of an oncologist in health care is to diagnose, treat, and manage cancer and other cancer-related diseases. Oncologists work in collaboration with other healthcare professionals, such a radiologists, radiotherapists, pathologists, and clinical researchers, to develop the best treatment plans for their patients. Oncologists also provide «psychosocial support» to families, helping them come to terms with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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Education and Training Requirements

To become an oncologist, candidates must first complete a medical degree program, followed by a residency in oncology. After completing their medical degree and residency, oncologists can pursue a fellowship in order to specialize in a particular type of cancer or area of cancer research. Oncologist must also keep up to date on the latest treatments and medications, and must have a strong understanding of cancer biology and pathology.

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The Importance of Oncology in Health Care

With the advancements in cancer diagnosis and treatment, it is now possible to detect and treat cancer earlier, and cure some forms of cancer. Early detection and treatment can help to improve the quality of life of patients and reduce mortality. Oncologists play a vital role in the health care system, helping not just to diagnose and treat cancer, but also to provide emotional and psychological support to cancer patients and their families.

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