What You Should Know About Prostate Massage: Benefits & Risks

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When it comes to improving a man’s prostate health and overall well-being, prostate massage is a popular option. Also known as prostate milking, it is used to stimulate the prostate gland in order to improve the flow of urine, reduce discomfort and even encourage sexual pleasure.

The Basics of Prostate Massage

Prostate massage can be performed externally or internally. The external form involves applying pressure to the perineum, while the internal form involves inserting an object such as a finger, a prostate massager or an electric massager into the anus. Additionally, a prostate massage therapist may use lubrication to reduce discomfort.

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Benefits of Prostate Massage

Reduced Urinary Conditions

Prostate massage can help to reduce the symptoms of prostate infection or inflammation, such as difficulty urinating or painful ejaculation. Furthermore, research has demonstrated that prostate massage can help to reduce the occurrence of prostatitis, a condition characterized by inflammation and irritation of the prostate.

Better Prostate Health

Prostate massage can help to improve the overall health of the prostate. In one study, researchers found that prostate massage, when done regularly in addition to antibiotics, was an effective way to reduce the symptoms of chronic prostatitis.

Increased Sexual Pleasure

Prostate massage can also be used as a means of increasing sexual pleasure. In one study, men reported increased pleasure as a result of prostate massage, as well as increased sensation and orgasm intensity.

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Risks of Prostate Massage

As with all medical treatments, there are potential risks associated with prostate massage. While side effects are typically minor and short-term, they can include discomfort, pain and some bleeding. Additionally, if prostate massage is done incorrectly, it can cause infection, tissue damage or nerve damage.


Using unsanitary objects or not correctly cleaning the external area of the anus can increase the risk of infection. Additionally, if an internal massage is performed without proper sanitary technique, the risk of infection is increased.

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Tissue Damage

If the prostate is massaged too vigorously, it can cause tissue damage. This can cause pain and swelling in the area, as well as bleeding and potential complications.

Nerve Damage

The use of an electric massager can also result in nerve damage if it is used too forcibly. Nerve damage can lead to irritation, inflammation and even paralysis in the affected area.


Prostate massage can be a beneficial form of treatment for reducing the symptoms of prostate infection and inflammation, as well as improving prostate health. However, it is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with prostate massage in order to ensure safety and comfort.

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