Women’s Reproductive Health: Understanding Menstruation

Women's Reproductive

Women’s Reproductive Health & Understanding Menstruation

Menstruation can be a difficult concept to understand for many women and even harder to talk about. The menstrual cycle is an important part of a woman’s reproductive health and it affects numerous aspects of her everyday life. Learning to understand and properly care for the menstrual cycle is essential for any woman’s wellbeing.

What is Menstruation?

At the beginning of each menstrual cycle, the uterus initiates releasing an egg in one of the ovary tubes. If the egg is not fertilized, your uterus will shed its inner lining, which contains unfertilized eggs, along with blood, mucus, and tissue. This entire process makes up the menstrual cycle and ultimately results in menstruation.

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Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

The average menstrual cycle lasts from 28 to 32 days, though this can differ from woman to woman. Understanding and tracking your own menstrual cycle is a great way to get familiar with your body.

During the course of the menstrual cycle, different hormones will fluctuate, leading to changes in your body and emotions. It is important to learn about the phases of the menstrual cycle and understand how your body responds in each phase.

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Women’s Health & Menstruation

Having a healthy menstrual cycle is important for any woman’s wellbeing. Eating healthy, managing stress, and getting enough sleep and physical activity are all key elements in having a healthy cycle.

Familiarizing oneself with their menstrual cycle is also important in order to recognize any potential issues that may arise. Common menstrual issues to be aware of include:

  • Painful or irregular periods
  • Heavy or light periods
  • Excessive cramping/dysmenorrhea
  • Abnormal discharge
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

If any of these issues arise, it is best to reach out to a qualified medical professional for further instructions, diagnosis, and treatment.

Seek Reproductive Health Care

When it comes to overall health, reproductive health is often overlooked. Understanding and caring for the menstrual cycle is essential to achieving optimal wellbeing, so it is important for every woman to seek regular reproductive health care.

Do not hesitate to speak to your doctor about your health and any issues that arise regarding your menstrual cycle. Together, you and your doctor can come up with the best solution for a healthier, more comfortable period.

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