Gut-Hormone Axis: How Hormones Control Digestive Health and Metabolism

Gut-Hormone Hormones

The gut-hormone axis is a complex and essential system that controls digestion, metabolism, energy balance and overall health. Certain hormones produced by the gut and other organs regulate digestion, promote the efficient use of nutrients and signal to the brain when blood sugar drops or rises.

Gut Hormones and Health

Gut hormones affect various aspects of digestive health, appetite, metabolism and energy expenditure. These hormones play a role in weight gain and loss, and in controlling cholesterol, glucose and fat levels. They can also help control hunger, food cravings and the absorption of nutrients from food.

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Hormones and Gut Microbiota

The gut-microbiota axis is the connection between the gut microbiome and hormonal systems. The gut microbiome is an ecosystem of microbes living in the intestine, made up of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses. This microbiome affects the function of the gut-hormone axis, affecting metabolism, weight and more.

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Effects of Gut Hormones on Metabolism and Weight

Gut hormones, like leptin and ghrelin, regulate both hunger and metabolism. Ghrelin, for example, increases hunger and can lead to overeating. Leptin, on the other hand, suppresses appetite and increases energy expenditure. Gut hormones also affect the absorption of glucose and fatty acids, which can lead to weight gain or loss.

Optimizing the Gut-Hormone Axis for Health

To optimize the gut-hormone axis, it’s important to ensure that the gut microbiome is healthy and well balanced. This can be done by eating a healthy diet high in fiber, probiotics and prebiotics, and avoiding foods that can disrupt the gut microbiome. Additionally, exercise can help regulate gut hormones and improve overall health.

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