Tips for Helping Kids with Special Education Needs Achieve in School

Helping Special

and Health

Helping children with special education needs reach their potential in school and health requires some basic tips, knowledge and understanding. Children with special needs benefit from extra structure, attention and guidance from parents, caregivers and teachers. Practical advice and resources can also help these kids reach their educational and health goals.

Develop Individual Strategies

Creating a personalized plan for the child is the first step in helping him or her reach their goals. Depending on the child’s individual needs, strategies might include additional time to complete tests, a quiet space to take breaks, modified seating arrangements or reduced homework. Academic modifications should be tailored to the individual and focus on what the child can do, not what they can’t.

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Set Goals

To help children with special needs progress, it’s important to set specific goals. Make sure the goals are clear, attainable and measurable. For example, if the student needs help with math, set a timeline for mastering multiplication tables. Putting realistic expectations in writing can help the child stay motivated and track progress.

Schedule Regular Check-ins

Regular assessments can help measure growth and determine areas that need improvement. Talking to school counselors, teachers and parents each semester to review the student’s strengths and weaknesses can help identify potential problems before they become issues. Scheduling regular check-ins should be included in the child’s educational plan.

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Help Kids Feel Confident

Building self-esteem is also key to helping kids with special needs achieve academic and health goals. Encourage children to become self-advocates. For example, teach them to speak up when they need help or need to take a break. Giving children the necessary tools to advocate for themselves can improve their confidence and help them reach their goals.

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Seek Professional Help

If students with special needs are having difficulty learning or focusing, parents and teachers should consider seeking professional help. A qualified psychologist, therapist or learning specialist can help create a customized plan for the child and also recommend educational tools and additional resources.

Small steps and incremental successes can have a big impact for children with special needs. With the right education and resources, these kids can achieve their goals and reach their true potential.

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